Welcome to WPC for Customers. Er…I mean Envision

Microsoft says Envision is “a natural evolution from Microsoft Convergence”. In the same sense that WPC was a natural evolution from Stampede? At least they are being transparent about it.

Those of you who have been around Dynamics long enough will have fond memories of Stampede...an excellent, 100% Dynamics focused partner event. The kind of Dynamics focused event perhaps rivaled only by Convergence.

MSDynanmicsWorld has a write-up on the Microsoft hosted call held last week with ISVs and other potential sponsors of Envision. Reports are that the questions asked of Microsoft on the call were "colorful". Indeed.

The fumbled merging of Stampede into WPC led to the launching of events like NAV Directions. Not surprisingly the people in the Dynamics ecosystem happiest about the shift from Convergence to Envision would have to be the Dynamic Communities team...the organization behind the user group events. Their biggest problem is going to be figuring out how to handle the increased volume of attendees to their event.

Microsoft is pushing "Software administrators, power users, and other decision influencer roles" to attend events like Ignite and Build, which have generally been devoid of Dynamics focused content. But...

"There are reports the Dynamics product teams do not yet have plans for participating at Ignite."

That's comforting.

I'll be in New Orleans, and want to be optimistic about this change. I fear that in The Big Easy we may be having a final toast to the sunsetting of a great event, and looking forward to Tampa.