Hide Post Tab in Social Pane: Microsoft CRM 2013 – 10/26, CRM Software Blog

In CRM 2013 Microsoft introduced the Social Pane, also known as Record Wall, that allows CRM users to view and create social posts right on the record. The social pane is located right at the center of the record form, and the user can see posts automatically generated, such as when the record is created. The Social Pane has 2 more tabs for Activities and Notes, making it much easier for users to see and record and the related activities and notes of the record. While the social post can be very important to some users, others can find it irrelevant and wish to hide the Post tab in the Social Pane area.
To hide the Post tab add this JS as new Web Resource. In the form of the entity that you wish to hide the Post tab in the Social P


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